Snippets from Malacca

01/06/2017 elenoras 0

This post is an eclectic mix of good memories and some interesting photos of Malacca, which for some reason didn’t find a rightful place in […]

Street art – Malaysia

11/05/2017 elenoras 0

“Street art is a form of artwork that is displayed in a community on its surrounding buildings, streets, and other publicly viewed surfaces.” (This is […]

Only in India – 2

01/03/2015 elenoras 0

My previous post ‘Only in India’ had a great response. When I found out, I just thought that it’s totally unfair to keep it to […]

Only in India.

12/02/2015 elenoras 0

HI, guys, Please have a look.  (Someone shared on FB). The top of creativity.     51 Photos That Prove Indians Are The Ultimate Kings […]