TAJ MAHAL up for adoption

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Taj Mahal up for adoption: India’s heritage program draws mixed reaction

Critics have slammed the Indian government’s decision to allow big businesses to “adopt” national historic relics.


The Indian government has signed a five-year contract with Dalmia Bharat, a major conglomerate of Indian businesses, as part of the Adopt a Heritage Site initiative.


The five-year contract, valued at almost $5 million dollars means the corporation will be responsible for maintaining and renovating the Red Fort, but it also allows them permission to put up advertising and branding within the historic site.

Companies involved in the program will also be allowed to set ticket prices, but the government insists all profits will be redirected to restorative projects.


The UNESCO-listed fortress in Delhi is almost 400 years old and is considered one of India’s most famous monuments.

The Adopt a Heritage plan consists of almost 100 sites, including the iconic Taj Mahal, which is currently being contested by two bidders.

Some heritage activists publicly condemned the program; with many concerned about the impact of corporatising history.


“Much of India was once run by a corporation under government control, namely the East India Company,” Audrey Truschke, Assistant Professor of History at Rutgers University, tweeted.

“This arrangement had some negative consequences for Indians, to put it rather lightly.”


Indian historian Rana Safvi expressed her concerns about how the corporations will make use of the venues.

Others are supportive of the initiative and claim it is an innovative way to ensure India’s many tourist attractions are maintained properly.

P.S.1 – India has almost 3700 historic monuments, and 31 UNESCO world heritage sites.

P.S.2 – 1 crore is worth approximately AU $200,000 

Source: SBS News Australia By Jessica Washington


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