Melbourne street art – part 4

I am a big fan of street art and Melbourne is a great place to look for some interesting work. I haven’t seen any pieces where everyday objects are incorporated to create a 3D art form like in Penang (Malaysia), but we also have something to show to the world.


Where else could you see a fish on a bicycle? In Melbourne, of course.


How about a pink singing frog on top of an electricity meter? Come to Melbourne.


I guess it’s an intermediate stage of turning from a frog into a princess?


This is “Swan Lake”.


And this is “Black Swan”.


This is not just a painting of a cemetery.  It’s a detective story in real life. Check out the next photo.


This is a close up of a small message regarding someone’s murder, which happened not so long ago. I was actually curious to go to the cemetery and try to find this grave. Haven’t had time yet.


Siamese twins?


My story would be incomplete if I missed some beautiful cats.


This one looks like a gang leader.


Melbourne is a very progressive and politically correct city. I found this painting long before Australia voted for the same sex marriage.


Lovely Ganesha hiding from the scorching sun under the tree.


Mutant of a hippo and an elephant?


Buddhist corner.


The painting below is too abstract for me. Too much is going on there.


The whole wall around a stadium was covered with surrealistic themes.


And the other side of the same oval.


Oh, I loved this one. It’s so pretty and disgusting at the same time.


It was very large, so I had to take photos of a few sections.


This is the middle bit.



So, pretty or disgusting?


How could we, Australians, live our lives without the Kardashians? Here they are.


Black and white paintings are quite popular.


Great portrait of a man on a garage door.


Melburnians are big footy fans. Therefore big murals…😜


Pretty in pink.


This is not traditional street art, but it is an art nevertheless. Artist used tree brunches to create this magnificent couple in love. How beautiful!


And when artists run out of walls, they move on the bus stops. And why not?





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