Melbourne street art – part 3

Right in the middle of the Melbourne city behind Federation Square is Hosier Lane. This is one of the ten most famous street art precincts of Melbourne.


This precinct has  became so popular recently, that some local clubs decided to run tours there. It’s always crowded here.


Majority of the art is typical graffiti.


Most of the paintings are just ugly.


Every inch is covered with drawings.


A few aliens for a good measure.




Sometimes they put one drawing on top of another.




Putos is not just Spanish word, it’s the name of Melbourne street artist who likes painting dragons, monsters and other scary stuff.




I like this snake.


And, of course, there must be at least one kitten.




One wall was totally covered in abstract design. Very little room left for other arts.


Here things getting a bit political. “Free West Papua”.


If there is no space on the walls left, there is still pavement available. This astronaut is drawn on the ground.


Just opposite Hosier Lane I found a few street bollards, completely covered in pictures.


A bit of graffiti.


A cute little girl.


And Alice from Wonderland.

“Alice:How long is forever?

White Rabbit:Sometimes, just one second.”

( Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland).




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