Fantastic street art in Taupo NZ


I recently visited New Zealand. It was a work trip, so there was not much time to roam around. On my way to the conference, I was passing a cute little town Taupo. I decided to stop for a while to stretch my legs and grab something to eat. While looking for food, I actually found something much more exciting.


Street Art! I love street art!


After I saw a few of these paintings, I grabbed a quick bite and started to methodically explore this town.


And it delivered in spades.


Some art was childish.


Some was very colourful.


Graffiti with a twist.


Very creative.


Extraterrestrial life is not my strong point.


There were a few similar abstract themes.


Bright paintings make those concrete boring walls look really cheerful.


A painting of epic proportions, windows included.


I don’t think this was Salvatore Dali latest work, but I could see some similarities.


Or maybe it was a copycat from New Zealand.


An agricultural topic – Go Vegans!


This is a fraction of a huge mural, covering the whole passage between two streets.


Cute abstract baby-duck mutant.


Very clever encorporation of rubbish bins into a promotional theme.


The proof is in the…..


Alice in Modern Wonderland!


I took my time trying to figure out the secret meaning of this painting. I failed.


Small storage booth in the back of the shops was transformed into something from Chinese folklore. I decided it’s Chinese, because red and gold are their traditional colours. I could be wrong, of course.


This boy was quite far away from the Chinese “war zone” (above), but I believe both works are from the same artist.


Interesting concept of hanging fish upside down.


And a few shops down I found similar painting with a bird.



This one was fantastic. Huge painting with lots of great detail.


Two birds sharing some food.


Here they are together.


By cleverly positioning this eagle, it looks like he will fly into the sky right now.


Owl listening to music. And clearly enjoying it.


Great portrait of a dog.


Horses are a favourite of this artist.


I am not sure why there are red strips on their faces, maybe they’re tribal.


I found three horses and all of them had hand prints and circles around the eyes.


Is it Brad Pitt?


I liked the idea of yin and yang (black & white, negative & positive, dark & light) used as a pupil. But looks like the balance is still off as there is sadness and a tear!


This one is a bit disturbing. To me, it looks like a poster against violence.


Sorcerer? Black magic?


This sail-ship with three masts is not doing very well. With a huge gap in the side it will go down pretty soon.


I absolutely loved these hands. The first photo was in half shade, so I decided to visit this laneway again to get a proper photo.


Creation Myth of Maori – this epic story about origin and development of mankind.


This was just a rubbish bin on the Main Street.


And fish like this were on every drain to raise an alert to water pollution.


Some fancy rubbish bins. There were four or five different designs, but I liked the fish most.


I had an interesting conversation with one local woman. She told me that the Taupo council engaged a few professional artists to come and do street art. They started only a few years ago, but slowly adding more of the murals. Apparently local council wanted to attract and entertain tourists, who appreciate this type of wall paintings. It reminded me of George Town in Penang, Malaysia.

Who knows, maybe Taupo will become “the world famous street art town” in the future?

All the best, little Taupo. I love you!





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