Kuala Lumpur – beatiful by day, beautiful by night

I have been going thru Kuala Lumpur  quite a few times. It was my transit point. But have never ever been to Malaysia. Until now….  And this city blew me away.


The easiest way from the airport would be to take a taxi. I preferred to explore this country by train. Thirty minutes of comfort, no traffic jam and I was at Kuala Sentral.

Express to KS


This is beautiful sunrise from my hotel.


City is waking up.


And more.


I joined historical walking tour organised by Malaysian government. It was the best decision.


This is the Independence Squire.


Beautiful skyscraper in the middle of the city.


Old British government building, which changed hands a few times.



Historical fountain was relocated from old part of the city and somehow was broken in the process.

Old and new


Inside Tourism Office


Church of St Anthony – getting ready for  Easter mass.


Not everybody is allowed into the most exclusive club in KL.


This club has beautiful garden with stunning views. British knew how to treat themselves well.


Old part of China Town. Tiny house with traditional decorations is squeezed by new buildings.


Inside the old theatre the interiors fully replicate those from Imperial theatres in England.


However the leadlight windows have local themes.


Very interesting exhibit in the National Textile Museum. This traditional attire of local Malay people is made entirely from the bark of trees.


Street stalls are selling lots of cheerful art.


Time goes by very quickly when I am having fun. This is a historical clock tower in Chinatown.


This is the place where it all began. The mouth of two rivers which gave the name to the city itself. Kuala Lumpur literally means muddy mouth of the rivers.


First mosque, which was designed and build by British architect.


This old grumpy lady (not me, of course) was installed not far from the market. Our guide said she is an old teacher, who never had enough time to shop because of the naughty students.


First Punjabi restaurant near night market. It has been here for more than a century. All Indians like shopping here.


This is a historical night market. I was lucky to visit on Saturday as it is a big market day.


Some sweets, which could be bought only from this seller. His family is in this business for a few generations. ( sweets were pretty ordinary though).


Here is the best part – street food.


The varieties are endless. I wanted to try everything,  but after big dinner on highly recommended roti Canai and Teh Tarik tea I just physically could not eat any more. There’s always tomorrow.


Oldest tailor in KL. Here anybody can order traditional suits for formal occasions.


And this is a huge department store where they sell very expensive and exclusive clothes.


Streets at night look very cheerful and inviting. 


The oldest movie theatre Coliseum. Originally was built by British for British public, where they would watch English movies. Later,  after becoming independent, the only movies screened here were Malay . And now Bollywood is firmly taking over.


Famous Indian actors on one wall.


Here are famous Malaysian actors.


Next to the cinema is Coliseum Cafe and Hotel. Their steaks are so famous that even Premier Minister comes to get an occasional meal.


This place got a National recognition award. See, I am not making it up.



Regular visitors have their five minutes of fame.


And for some reason on the side of this restaurant they put portraits of all leaders. Unfortunately for some of them the air conditioners, pipes and window totally disfigured their faces.



Main squire is ready for a night out. Food trucks, music, huge movie screen and lights are providing great atmosphere to unwind on Saturday night.


City is getting tired after busy day.


Good night, beautiful KL!







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