Street art in Newcastle

Today I wanted to take you to the streets of Newcastle –  the industrial country town in NSW. It’s about two hours drive from Sydney through beautiful farmlands. There is not much going on regarding super-duper entertainment or social life. Some pretty old buildings are still around as a reminder of a British past.

Here is another example. Personally I really like this architectural style. I could see this building from my hotel window.

The highest point in Newcastle is occupied by old Presbyterian church with a separate Bell Tower. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get inside.

And here is the “working horse” of this town – the Port of Newcastle. The mining industry in New South Wales and even some parts of Queensland heavily rely on this port, which is the world’s largest in coal export and one of Australia’s largest ports by throughput load per year. That blue vessel on the right was the main point of my visit.

Roaming through the streets of Newcastle I found this interesting sculpture in front of the Newcastle Permanent Bank. I think it’s called Freedom.

Local government encourages new prominent artists to display their creative new projects around town. This cute  street seat with a plant in the middle was very attractive.

Everybody knows that there is nothing exciting about rubbish bins, right? But in Newcastle many of them are covered with posters, which allow some insight into the history of a particular area of the town. My hotel was in Hunter Street, which apparently goes back to the 1800’s.

Another boring object – telephone distribution box – was converted to a policeman with a dog. Hey-hey, good looking man in uniform!

The entrance to the train station is guarded by the oversized insects. A praying mantis on the left looks real, which makes me uncomfortable, as I am  terrified of them  in real life.

A large friendly frog is waiting around another corner.

Last year I visited the National Art Gallery of Indonesia in Jakarta. This graffiti reminded me so much of that visit.

During my visits to Newcastle I made the conclusion that street art in the from of graffiti is not prohibited as everywhere else, but quite the opposite – it’s obviously encouraged by local government. Some of the images are somehow related to the local businesses, but the majority of them are just a form of self-expression.

Some images are quite interesting and very well done. Not sure if this is one of them.

A huge brick wall in the side street is all covered with graffiti. I guess that the lack of space makes “artists” go over already existing paintings.

Here we go. The psychedelic paintings are hiding behind the corner.

And more.

And more.

Is it a fight? The only word which I can read is “Girls”.  So, is it a girl’s fight?


My guess: this is a circus. Yours?


The Nutty Professor?


This is definitely an auto business advertisement, but I didn’t see any cars around.


Another rubbish bin masked by street art. This bin was covered on all sides and the same painting continued around.


Jakes Hairdresser – this is an actual hairdressing salon.


Your guess is as good as mine.


Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. They could use it for the LP covers.


There are Brunswick Mews in City of Westminster, London. Not sure if there is any connection with Newcastle in Australia.



Typical bold bright graffiti.


This sounds like a challenge. A small business put a printed sign on the door “Don’t disrupt”.  And obviously, someone didn’t like the idea.


A bit of everything. Does this portrait on the left resembles Marilyn Monroe or is it my imagination?



This one was next to a coffee shop.



And this one near Goldberg’s restaurant.


Tattoo shop “Honey Ink” is underneath this colourful image. Inside the shop the same grim theme on the walls, mirrors and merchandise.


Huge long wall along King Street is fully covered with murals. This is just one part of it.



Love this slogan.


Behind this fence there is some industrial facility, but outside it looks very cheerful.



Wear your helmet, I guess. Better safe than sorry.



Doughnuts went bad???


This poor guy ate something horrible. Probably the same doughnuts.


If there are not enough walls, then garage gates are good enough.


This graffiti is interesting not only because of a beautiful flower, but also it covers a corner. Very skillful work.


The cutest Scarecrow I’ve ever seen. It is guarding a tiny community garden on a street corner in the suburbs.


This is not really street art, but I simply could not resist.  Sadly, there are no gargoyles around.


Next time I am in Newcastle, I am planning to look for sculptures on the streets. Should be very interesting.

Watch this space!

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