Taxi tale 13

08/06/2015 elenoras 0

Melbourne, May 2015, from airport to home, 40 minutes Driver: from Ethiopia,  Muslim, mid 40s, married , 6 kids   This time  I managed to […]

Taxi tale 8

18/01/2015 elenoras 0

Sydney,  December 2014 Driver: from Somali,  mid 40s   My last audit for the year. In 10 days I’m going to India. My heart is  […]

Taxi tale 7

25/12/2014 elenoras 1

Melbourne, December 2014, to airport, 55 minutes Driver: from Patiala, Punjab, 32 years old One young pretty Indian girl sat next to me on the […]

Wedding day

21/12/2014 elenoras 0

Finally the wedding day was upon us. Local priest came to the house to bless the bride and her relatives. We were sitting in a […]

Taxi tale 4

03/12/2014 elenoras 0

Brisbane,  April 2014,  airport – conference venue, 45 minutes. Driver: Indian, Hindu, mid-twenties. I was in big hurry as my plane was delayed. The conference […]