About me

My name is Elenora. I am a Caucasian female of undetermined age: I feel 35 for a few years now, while my passport says otherwise. I have an explosive mix of 50% Russian and 50% Ukrainian blood. My crazy life started in Ukraine, where I spent my childhood and the best part of my youth.

I fell in love with India way back in my teenage years, and for a while this platonic feeling was buried deep underneath the different priorities. My life changed dramatically about 4 years ago when I was invited to an Indian wedding. I fell in love with this country for real – deeply, desperately, and forever.

I can’t stay away for long. I keep coming back again and again.





  1. I am Deepak Patel from travelnthrill.com.

    I love your blog being a foreigner you run a blog with an Indian name that truly awesome. It’s nice to know about you.

  2. I was browsing travel pages and came across your site. Its nice to see your various visits. Well, I am from the southern state of Tamilnadu in India. I am getting into a small farmstay business with construction of a few cottages in pure mud for foreign travelers in my coconut farm. Its halfway through and should finish by end of this year. I shall keep you posted.

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