Street Art in Darwin

Anywhere I go, I always look for a street art. Last time I visited Darwin about 8 months ago. I walked around the city area every night,  but I didn’t see anything interesting. Last week I came to Darwin again. Tired after the flight and full day work, I just wanted to have dinner and go to bed. My attention was caught by this strange “caterpillar” in the window.


It was just a start, because right around a corner I discovered the large number of great quality street art.


I love tigers, and I love their cubs even more. I found these two cuties in the centre of Darwin.


Not far away from  the cubs was the Alpha male tiger. Don’t even know who I liked more.


Something tells me that this shark is far from being an innocent creature. Those headstones indicate some violence and lost lives.


Halloween is close! Get ready, guys!


A large part of the population in Darwin is of aboriginal origin. Not surprising, that many murals were painted by indigenous artists.


Sword fish at its best!


This is this is probably one of local celebrities. Don’t know if it’s a good or bad one!


Interesting colour combination here. I found only one painting like this.


This is how King of Darwin looks like. Couldn’t ask anybody who he is. I probably wouldn’t recognise him on the street.


“ A picture is a poem without words”. So true, especially if it’s ladies backside in a G-String. No words needed.


One wall was completely covered with a huge colourful mural. My lens on iPhone could not get the whole picture.


This large cricket on the right was cut off in the previous picture.


Chop is a local artist. There are many paintings are done by him.


“A child who reads is an adult who thinks”. Very true.


This is just a fragment of another large mural, which I found on the wall of the warehouse.


Small eatery has this colourful display of flowers.


On both sides of the shop.


Walking to my hotel I decided to take another street. And there was a nice surprise for me.


Judging from the environment and the crowd, I would say that this was a government housing for underprivileged people.


I guess authorities engaged some of the local artists to make those buildings more cheerful. It worked well in my opinion.


The doorway to the large office building in Mitctham street has these cute birds. Pardon my ignorance, but I think that are finches.


Can anyone confirm this?


This is the most recent addition to the street art in Darwin.


Beautiful storks cover one wall in an alleyway.


I came to visit this stunning horse painting 3 times, hoping to get the best photo. I believe that this one in a dark with moonlight is the one.


I also found great portraits of women. Originally I thought it was Angelina Jolie with a local twist. But I have changed my mind since.


How about these two girls? Actually I had to move large rubbish bins around to “free” them. That happened under scrutinised eyes of two police officers. After I finished my photo session I put the bins back in place. After that policemen left.


Really interesting idea of painting a picture on two adjuncts surfaces. I haven’t seen this technique before. Girl blowing bubbles, I just love it.


And I saved  the best for the last. I couldn’t get enough of this picture of an aboriginal child. It’s simply beautiful. One of my customers told me that this artwork was done by one of his employees, who belongs to Jawoyn tribe.



Live performance on the street. I classify it as street art too. If you have enough patience to listen to the end (less than two minutes of authentic aboriginal singing), you will be rewarded with an example of a business conversation I had with this aboriginal guy. It made my day!


And yes, I paid him the required amount. Deal is a deal!

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