KidZania – kids empire in Delhi

Summer in Delhi is a real hell. I am talking from experience. To escape the heat, my friends suggested to visit Kidzania – an entertainment centre for children and adults, which reenacts a city built-to-scale for kids. It is a unique and interactive Indoor Entertainment and Learning Centre that aims to empower, inspire and educate kids from 2 to 16 years of age through heaps of activities.



The arrival to the venue is similar to the airport. Bags and visitors are going through the screening devices.


Tickets can be bought at the counter. Depending on the age of kids and  duration at Kidzania the tickets will cost between $20-30.


Parents have to pay too. I guess it’s for the privilege to use the air conditioned facilities. I didn’t mind as I really wanted to look inside. And the price was quite reasonable – $10.


There are customs, immigration officers and a display with prohibited goods. All like in real life.


For newbies there is a passport office. Everybody needs a passport, right? It’s used for “visa” stamps, when kids visit different attractions.


If the children are new to Kidzania, they need to apply for a passport and take photos.


This is a standard kit for most of the kids who visit this place often. Casual visits are also available. Blue “watch-like” device is actually a GPS. Because of it, parents can leave the kids at Kidzania and go to the mall or somewhere else. Nobody can leave the building while wearing this GPS, and it can be taken off only in the presence of the parents.


Kidzania has its own currency, and this concept helps kids to understand that before spending some money, they need to earn. There are some activities, which help to do so: courier delivery, fire fighter, police, hospital, court, supermarket and many more. When they have enough cash, then it’s time for a shopping spree. They  can take money home and use it next time, or better still to put on debit card.


Like any law obedient state, Kidzania has a police station. And many policemen…


And a Supreme Court. That is one of the most popular places.


For “undecided” kids there is a Job Centre. After completing  a simple computer test, children are provided with a list of possible professions which were determined for them by a software.


For those with a need for adventure the Secret Agent training facility is a must.


DHL Express is very popular. I suspect it’s because the children can earn some money by delivering small parcels to different venues.


Running in circles is a very loud and very bright fire truck . It delivers young firefighters to a burning  hotel, which they have to save. The kids try very hard and the hotel is still standing.


Rescue services involve abseiling skills, which kids can improve here.


A well equipped hospital with maternity ward. Ambulance is on call too.


Anxious parents are waiting for their “doctors and nurses”.


The nursery looks totally real. I am sure with these facilities they could assist with real delivery and look after the newborn baby!


I swear the equipment is real, but the babies – definitely not.


This is dental surgery. Totally understandable that there are no kids or adults in front of it. Who in the right mind would voluntarily go there?


This is very important place for the future businessmen and businesswomen. Just watch those young investors on Wall Street! They probably have done some training at Kidzania in the past.


If somebody is fascinated with archeology and palaeontology, here is their chance.


This place was very popular, especially with girls. Loud music and lots of dancing – mini-Bollywood in Delhi!


I wish I could learn some Indian driving skills which are necessary to move through the chaotic Delhi traffic.


Temporary tattoos are applied here, but the place looks very real. It’s very expensive to get a tattoo in Kidzania money, similar to real life.


Girls Nitisha and Neeharika decided to boost their accounts and joined a sales team at Big Bazaar supermarket. To me it seems boring to fill the shelves and tidy the store after lots of buyers trash it. But if you need money, any job will do.


Exhausted from all that excitement, we got hungry. Nitisha and  Neeharika decided to try their culinary skills, while Tanya and I queued at a Domino’s joint.


On the left is the pizza, which girls made themselves. On the right – from Domino’s. Great effort!


Staff tidy up the facilities before the next group of kids bursts through the door.


It’s a great thing that Indians started to get worried about pollution in their country and the world. This small display in the corner is about saving the environment.


This is a construction site. Age and height limits are applicable. All participants wear hard hats and harnesses.


I absolutely loved this sign:  “Pleeze allow the kidZ to make their own decisions”. We all should implement it in everyday life.


On the first floor there is a lounge for adults. This is a view from the top.


There were some activities for adults, but I’d had enough.


A quiet, air-conditioned lounge with magazines and drinks. It really was a godsend in the mayhem of kids activities. And I also learned a new game and even won one round.


A short video of interesting activities in Kidzania.


Time flies when you’re having fun and before we knew it – it was time to leave. The heat wave outside welcomed us back to Delhi.


I really enjoyed Kidzania and would recommend to visit it at least once. Pretty sure the kids will love it!!

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