Street Art in India

Driving thru a small town in Bihar, along the secondary school I noticed a gallery of good quality street art. I became curious and decided to stop, so I can spend some time to investigate it further and appreciate.

The first picture onviously means that the knowledge is the way to the future. Right?


Any means of travel are good to reach the source of learning.


Boys and girls can study together.


At some stage they turn to witchcraft and start flying on the brooms.


Life becomes more and  more complex.


If wishes were horses…..


Flowers grow faster if they listen to music.


Local band


Daily chat


Men like gossips too


Local festival


It is very hot outside


Going to the mall


This one is interesting. Part-women /part -sheep – this is a new breed.


Playing local music instruments


For sone reason I doubt this ballet dancer is from here


Mirage – there is no ocean nearby


Eco theme


Water is life


Salvador Dali style  – not bad


This is definitely Pablo Picasso indian style


More of surrealism in street art. I can see so many unrelated things here


Series of different birds.


Peacocks roam jungle nearby. I saw nany of them in the trees in the morning








There is a big problem with farming in a country, where poor farmers struggle without any help from the government.


Intetesting idea of spreading happiness like water.


Industrial revolution reached India.


I like this concept, but there us no Austealia



Punjabies are everywhere




Not a bad collection for a small country town. Next time it will be market art on canvases.


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