Traveling with Japan Airlines

I am on my way to India. A G A I N. I have grand plans to go to Sikkim, Darjeeling and Gaumukh this time. But for now, I am still on the journey to get there.


I bought tickets for Japan Airlines as they offered split payments of frequent flyer points and money. The trip is longer than Malaysian or Singapore Airlines, and has a stopover at Tokyo for 3 hours. It’s the first time I’ve used this company and they delivered! This TripAdvisor Award only confirms my statement.


Tokyo International Airport is a gateway to Japan and they welcome all travellers.


For those with kids, there is a Disney Resort right here. If I had more time I probably would go there.


The airport is very large and modern. Duty free shops are everywhere. Alcohol, tobacco, gold, souveniers. One shop was selling kids toys. I left that store empty-handed and traumatised. Can’t imagine my kids playing with these giant toys.


Opah! One of the travellers from my plane. He wears a very provocative jacket.


For VIPs like me there is a Sakura business lounge. Very very stylish and inviting. The majority of travellers were relaxing downstairs in the sitting area, while I went for the dining room straight away.


Since I arrived at brunch, there were not that many people.


When I visit different countries, I always eat local food. Sometimes I have to really put my mind to it as you never know what exactly they are offering.


It’s my lucky day today – everything looks pretty good and safe. I picked carrot, cabbage, Japanese omelet, fresh salad with dressing on the side and smoked mackerel. I am not interested in a continental choice of dishes.


Cappuccino and croissant to finish my brunch. Cappuccino was just OK, nothing special, while the buttery croissant hit the right point in my stomach.


The talking point in Japan is the toilet. At least among visitors. I heard so many stories about these super facilities, that I just had to visit and report for myself. First impression – toilet is very happy to see me here. See how it’s blinking with blue and green lights.


I am not going to talk about being spotless. That’s a given. Just look at the instructions under the lid. The toilet seat is heated by the way. There is a roll of paper seat covers for hygienic purposes if needed.


Does it look like an instrument panel in a cockpit? It definitely does to me. All instructions are in Japanese, not a single word in English. So I had to try each button to determine the functions. Without going into intimate details, I can assure you it was lots of fun. I spent a significant time in the cubicle entertaining myself and taking photos, and the lounge staff got worried and came knocking on the door. At that point I understood a purpose of the electronic clock (black screen in the bottom left corner). My god, they control the time spent in a public toilet!!!!


In the photo below there is something like a modern art piece, but could be a camera or one-way mirror.


This one message in English made me think that many visitors could not flash the toilet and the cleaners insisted on translating this sentence.


There is a separate room for parents with kids. I just had to visit it too.


The usual toilet for adults, but there is a small toilet seat for a child, equipped with the same electronic controls.


I am sure Japanese kids can operate it from six months of age. 😜😳


I was really happy with my educational visit to the toilet in Tokyo airport. Now I can’t wait to take a few photos in Delhi airport – just for comparison purposes, of course.

And here it is.


What a difference!!!!


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