Street art in Whangarei, NZ

This time I travelled for work to Northland in NZ. It is located at the north of North Island.  The weather was not very kind, so I tried to sneak out while rain would stop for a while. Today I heard on the news that from Auckland down to Wellington there were horrible storms and even tornadoes.

My first find at Hatea Loop – Sharing is Caring.


The Marine area has a beautiful fence.


Whales too have feelings  – mother’s love.


Artists Mike Tupaea and Charles Williams created a new mural on Port Rd.


In one of the main Maui stories the  hawk’s feathers were scorched by fire. And this is their vision of the story.


This girl will take you to the hell and back.


Nothing adds a lot of interest to the old dilapidated house like a bright striking wall art.


Below there are fragments of two large murals by Jasmine Fuller. I found her artwork under a bridge in Whangarei.


Each highlighted word in her poem has a reflection in her paintings. Check it out.


Very interesting concept. This is NEW LIFE.




And the LOVE, of course.


This mural I found somewhere in a small village Waipu on my way to Whangarei.


Rodrigo Rozas is originally from Chile. He studied locally and since has done many murals for schools, gyms and local businesses around Whangarei and the Northland area.


Rodrigo  painted this porters of a woman on the wall of a local gym in Whangarei.


Typical graffiti. I wish I could read the message.


This murals I found at a car park.


Good advertisement for a flower shop. It got my attention.


Quite unusual sign on the pavement. Is it still street art or ground art?


This is a beautiful panel from the roof of sitting area along the river.


Not very traditional, but still art and still on the street.


And the same here. Bus stop with cute little birds.




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  1. What an awesome page and i was blown away to see some of my street art in your page!!!! Good to see that people love street art, but most importantly respect the art form!!! Keep yp the good work

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