Paradise on Earth – South Island, NZ

I was really lucky to score myself another trip to NZ. This time it was the South Island. The trip was mainly for work, but I had a weekend for myself. And I wanted to use it to the max.

When I landed in Christchurch the weather was really bad – cold, rain and strong winds. I became upset as all my farfetched travel plans were in jeopardy. I felt a bit better when I saw this beautiful sculpture near Belfast (outer suburb in Christchurch).


I also found a very impressive cathedral on a hill.


People in Christchurch are very tough. I would not like to sit in a car with a goat scull.


And they also have a good sense of humour. Can you see Marge with a huge hairdo from Simpsons?


The weather was on and off for the next three days, but the rain stopped which was a great relief for me. At some points I could admire the beautiful blue sky.


NZ has the most beautiful landscapes in the world. This was on my way to Nelson – a small town at the very top of the South Island.


And beautiful roads.


My dear travel companion Sam decided to come to NZ too. He likes adventures and new places.


On my two days off I planned to do Abel Tasman Track. It’s quite a long track, which takes 3-4 days to complete and I didn’t have that much time. So I decided to go on daily trips.


I had to buy tickets to the water taxi, which took me to the top of the track, dropped me there and picked up 8 hours later at the next port.

This is the most famous landmark along this coast called the “Split Apple Rock”. The huge granite boulder had a small crack at the top and the harsh weather did the rest.


Along the track there was a very long suspension bridge. There are two things which I really dislike -escalators and suspension bridges. I had to wait until everybody left the bridge, so it was not shaking much. Only then could I make it across.


The whole walk was absolutely spectacular. How about this tree fern against the blue sky?


The views were getting better and better.


The waters of the Tasman Bay were clear and pristine.


Some people hired kayaks and enjoyed the paddle.


Stunning view beautifully framed by nature. Looks like a postcard.


A large family of toadstools. As far as I know they are not edible mushrooms, but very very pretty.


At this point of my journey I had to sit down because I was totally overwhelmed by the beauty of this place.


Here I met a couple from Queensland, Australia and we spent some time chatting. My friend Sam attached to me “by the hip”.


Some lucky people travel by yachts.


Adventurous people hire kayaks.


I don’t like to get wet, so I hike. This place I had to cross at low tide.


Most of the walk was through cool shady tracks, which were really well marked. So well that even I could find my way to the pick-up point.


I had real troubles selecting photos for this post – every shot is picture perfect.


How about this one? The colour of the ocean is unreal.


In one spot I had to take a detour because of the high tide. And it was really good as I found this bridge and a waterfall.


I could not get enough of the ocean.


This small colourful boat is a water taxi. It had just brought a bunch of tourists and is leaving the beach.


Brief instruction in case there is a tsunami threat – “In case of earthquake shaking, unusual ocean behaviour or noise move to the high ground”.


On my way back to Christchurch I found a very special place, which was called Cathedral lookout. It was just the cherry on top.


In a small country town I stopped for a coffee. On the opposite side of the street was this beautiful church. I was told that the priest was very old and he opened this church only twice a week. And it wasn’t today.


Look who was travelling alongside with me.


Quite an unusual mailbox from a Chevrolet engine.


And one more from some car parts. Very cute.


And this is my achievement for the day.  My trip was worth every single step.



Music : Leo Rojas – Der einsame Hirte


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