New Year celebration in the countryside

My hiking club decided to celebrate Xmas 2017 by camping in the Grampians (a large mountain range in Victoria). It was a very interesting experience as I haven’t done any camping since university, which was a while ago. Surprisingly, I actually really enjoyed staying in a tent without bathroom or electricity. But even more than that I enjoyed driving on the country roads.


The Victorian countryside is quite spectacular.


There is not much happening in the country towns or on the farms, but Xmas is a special time for everyone.


The local farmers decided to celebrate Xmas and New Year in style.


Some of them made quite elaborate structures outside their properties along the road.


Obviously this family enjoyed movie Frozen very much.


I totally loved those gnomes playing golf. How cute are they!


And this sign “Raindeer Parking Only”. How creative is this… I want to adopt all the reindeers.


This Santa finished his annual run at this house. All the presents have been delivered. So the very tired and deeply satisfied Santa is having a rest before retiring to the North Pole for the next twelve months. Or maybe, it’s The South Pole since it’s much closer to Australia?





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