Street Art in New Plymouth, NZ

My recent trip to NZ was very fruitful. I worked a little, walked a little and climbed a little. Weather was really good, so I went for a walk around city area. And almost straight away found my first street art. It was a bit different from fantastic paintings in Taupo.


The paintings looked a bit different with more sense I would say.


Like this one, for example. New Zealand is trying to curb domestic violence, quite a few posters around. I think this one is about it too.


This one was near Gallery of Art in New Plymouth.


This guy is probably looking on Taranaki mountain. It’s really really beautiful.


Cartoon character, can’t remember his name.


And of course some ugly monsters. How can any town survive without them?


If this is the second best, then I am scared to think how the first one looked.


Obviously there is a connection with all those activities below, but it completely skipped me.


How cute is this crab?  Very very cute.


One corner was dedicated to insects.


This is either scolopendra or centipede, which is technically the same thing?


Wise owl.


This is Kiwi bird, which doesn’t fly. Also here in NZ they grow kiwi fruit. Artist put them together as they both belong to New Zealand. Very clever.


Here is another Kiwi, right on the main street. Jokingly New Zealanders are called Kiwis, mainly behind their backs.


One more painting of the crow, and we are done with birds for today.


Some typical colourful graffiti.


Very abstract.


Street fight.


Marine life is thoroughly covered in New Plymouth.


Maybe because this town sits neat the Tasman Sea.


Here we got a blue whale.


And the shipwreck.


And a bunch of mermaids.


Funny, for 3 nights I was patrolling the shore and didn’t see even one mermaid.  But according to this picture they live in abundance in Taranaki area.


Even dumpster are decorated with sea creatures.


For those, who can’t get the message from the picture, an artist added simple verbal explanation.


Flora wasn’t covered enough. Just this blue poppy.


But animal kingdom was well represented with a huge elephant.


And the Lion King.


There in Taranaki a new trend has started recently. Kids and adults collect flat rocks from the beach and decorate them with different pictures. After that, they hide them in public places and wait. Whoever finds a painted rock suppose to take a photo, publish it on Taranaki Rocks #taranakirocks on Facebook and hide it in a different place. This activity is very engaging for kids as well for adults. Just look at me. I found this rock, placed a photo and an explanation on FB and brought it to Melbourne.


By the way, mother of the young artist, who created this rock “Freddie” (it was on the back of the stone) was very proud that her son’s creation headed overseas and not just in local park. So I also participated in this game! And brought a little piece of NZ with me!






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