Train Art aka Street Art in Dimboola

The long weekend in November, dedicated to horse racing carnival, we decided to spend in Grampians – the highest mountain range in Victoria. Since vacant accommodation was scarse, we moved a bit further away to Dimboola. It is a very quiet and peaceful country town near the Little Desert.

On our first day we went to explore the surrounding area. A few interesting laser-cut panels illustrating the town history are installed on the Main Street. Very creative, I think.


There are rusty metal panels with slabs of blue glass behind them.


And the whole structure is framed with old railway sleepers.




A few large framed paintings.


I didn’t find them being particularly good.


Further down we found a local train station on our way. And it was a treasure trove!


I have been particularly interested in graffiti and street art.


I got a large collection of street art photos from different countries: Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia,  Vietnam. I even saw art galleries on Indian trucks.


But I have never seen artwork covering freight trains from top to bottom.


There were three stationary trains.


I had a blast jumping from to another.


The main technique was just graffiti, but occasionally some gruesome pictures adorned the carriages.


I wish I could read the slogans, but it has always been beyond my abilities.


Dimboola is a wheat capital of Victoria, and all those trains suppose to deliver grains to the mills.


I like it bright.


Cute little gnome.


Majority of the carriages are part of  Pacific National brand.


I got many many photos, but they are mostly repetitive, so I chose the most colourful ones.


This carriage is obviously in the preparation stage. I assume the artwork will be applied around the brand name.


Winking little penguin.


And to top it up !!!!!


Dimboola has a natural wonder – Pink Lake. But that will be another story.



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