What a ride!

October 2017, from home to airport

Driver Australian, mid 50’s, no other info


My day started a bit dreary as for a start I had to get up at 5 am, and I strongly dislike dark and cold early mornings. After that my cat decided to go outside and didn’t come back before my departure, so I was a bit worried.  And then my taxi arrived…..

The car itself wasn’t perfectly clean and had a bit of a smell. The grumpy driver was a bit unshaven, a bit uncombed, his clothes totally wrinkled, as if he jumped into a taxi straight from bed (maybe he doesn’t like early mornings either). But that’s ok, I have seen worse. I asked to drive to the airport, but even this didn’t cheer him up.

I started my usual chatting, but his short answers showed me that he is not in the mood for a conversation. And on top of that, he switched the radio on. Great, I didn’t  need to waste my breath on silly conversations. Happily I opened the Facebook and started scrolling. Everybody knows that morning should start from FB news, right? God knows what could have happened in the world while I was asleep.

In about 10 minutes the driver announced loud and clear that he strongly disliked social media and FB in particular. It was so unexpected, that I immediately switched off my phone like a guilty schoolgirl. That wasn’t enough, because the driver decided to elaborate. Apparently, the whole world goes crazy if any celebrity bares her tits or has an affair, but if at the same time there are some important political events happening, nobody pays attentions. The naked flesh rules the world. He, for example, doesn’t use anything except one email account and checks it every second day only.

Surprised by this outburst I decided to change topic for something more casual. Like daylight savings, for example. I really enjoy coming home and doing some gardening or walking in the evening, while there is still some light.

It was my second mistake. The driver started scolding me for being selfish and not thinking about poor farmers and tradies. Apparently, cows don’t know about changing time and still require milking at certain times, as well as feeding. The farmers falling off their feet trying to please the cattle and make sure that milk is ready for the pick up, which involves another victim of daylight saving operation – the milk cistern driver. Are you still following that?

And that suits only office staff, who works 9-5 (he maliciously looked at me as I obviously represented that group of privileged group of people). But how about tradies, who work from dawn to sunset? Their day has been extended by few hours as working class has to earn their money by working long hours. Tradies can’t come home and walk their dogs (another long disapproving look at me). I had an urge to tell him that I don’t have a dog, because I am a cat woman, but decided not to share this information, because he was probably allergic to cats.

Needless to say, that I have never been so happy to see the airport in my life before.




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