Big Mango and Street Art

Australia is famous for everything “Big”. We have the Big Lobster, Big Koala, Big Banana, Big Orange and the Big Rocking Horse. We also have a Big Mango in small country town Bowen, situated in beautiful Whitsundays in Queensland. I was determined to find it and add this Mango to my collection of odd things.


Bowen is the mango capital. Mangoes literally grow on the streets. But interesting thing is the price for mangoes in supermarkets in Bowen and Melbourne is the same. I need to add that Bowen is 3000 km closer to the North and has a tropical climate.


Mangoes are also made into sorbet. Great taste.


Another touristy thing is an old pub. This pub was featured in the movie Australia with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Very sentimental movie.


Bowen is widely known for its murals and all 28 of  them are displayed throughout Bowen’s streets and depict the diverse history from the town’s early settlement to present days. The first one is History of Policing.


Bank of New South Wales.


The Newspaper History.


Bowen Municipal Band.


The SS Canberra.


Tropical Bowen.


Bowen is part of Wangaratta, obviously.


Coat of Arms.


Pioneer Women


Another one of Pioneer Women.


Aviation History.


Aviation History.


And one more.


Betzel Pioneer Families.


Denison Hotel.


Carson the Wheelwright.


Harvest time




Rural life.


Plowing the fields.


Advertisement from the past.


First Ambulance.


First Fire Truck.


First Motor Vehicle.


Coal Loading from Jetty.


Local trades.


When I was leaving this quiet friendly town, I saw this boy-robot.


And the cute little girl. They were waving their goodbyes to me with their little tin hands. “Please, come again! We have more mangoes for you!”



Who knows, maybe I will be back one day.



And maybe  I will even go for a swim in the beautiful warm waters of the Whitsundays.


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