Shoe for Art – Talents and Creativity

While in Kuala Lumpur, I found a very interesting event. It was all about shoes, new designers and young talents.


All 106 participants were women and the purpose was to transform the ankle boot into an object of art to be sold at silent auction. The money would be going to the Reading Fund.


I wanted to see what can be achieved by using a plain boot in combination with creative vision and enthusiasm.


This show was well organised and beautifully presented.


Lots of futuristic ideas.


Loved the decorations on the walls.


Some models were very elaborate.


All of them were bright and colourful.


This event took place at UCSI University in March, so there was some publicity. The copies of the articles were also presented. Pay special attention to the second shoe on the right.


The articles were full of praise to the innovative ideas and presentation.


I personally loved this one – very appropriate for new graduates.


And this one is for cat lovers – which means it’s for me.


How about going snorkelling?


I guess this is just a promotional shoe.


Bold and beautiful!


All of them are totally impractical!


But look so good together!


The shoes will be sold at a silent auction.


I wonder if they will all sell.


This one was presented in a bird cage. There was probably a good reason, but it totally went over my head.


And the next boot was trying to escape!


And here is a matching set of a shoe and notebook. Very clever!


Thanks to the organisers of this show for giving us a chance to see something exciting! Hopefully this silent auction will get lots of money for a good cause!





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