Sculptures By The Sea – Perth – Take 2

Qian Sihua "Bubble No. 7"

So, another year gone. I am in Perth again. And again there is an exhibition of modern art on the beach of the Indian Ocean. International and local artists have brought their best work for our attention and, maybe, our admiration or even our shock. There are 77 sculptures from local and international artists. Don’t worry, I am not going to put all of them here. Only the most interesting from my point of view.

Some of sculptures look tall and proud.

Zero Higashida “Philia”



The next sculpture is very straightforward.  Just get yourself a piece of heavy machinery, load it with a ton of chewing gum and…. Your masterpiece is ready.

Markus Hofer “Der Tractor”


This one is like fossils arranged into a sphere shape.

Andrea Vinkovic “Memories of the Ocean”


I wouldn’t take this bag for my next trip as it is definitely over the luggage allowance on any airline.

Yumin Ling “Travelling Bag”


There is a whole story written on the next “sculpture”. There was a bit too much going on. Took me a while to read. I’ll leave it here for you to make sense.

“The other night I dreamt of Skagen. I dreamt that I was part of the summer colony* of artists** who lived in Skagen in the 1870s. We sat in our garden in our white summer clothes on our white garden furniture. We were surrounded by flowers and women in long summer dresses. We were sketching, eating and drinking akvavit.

When I woke up I realised that there was no such thing as White Skagen garden furniture. It was made by a furniture company. The furniture is made of sapele wood. Sapele trees are tropical trees and non-indigenous to Denmark. The trees are listed as vulnerable. The trees grow in the Congo.

Last night I dreamt of dictators, rape and persecution”.

Charlotte Bergmann Johansen “New Nordic”


Periscope-based intricate artwork. Why? Just because….

William Feuerman “Outside-in”


I really like this book cave, and it attracted a lot of people.

Juliet Lea “Book Cave”


No idea what it is. Maybe it’s an IQ test? Any explanation or suggestions are more than welcome.

Artist Unknown


This one is really interesting. It looks different from front and back.

KWY with Lise Kassow “Semerke”


Another very large  art object.

Louise Sparre “Skin Cube”


This looks so appropriate on the beach. Some surreal sea animals.

Karen Mancher Nesta ” Sea Sponges”



I am a bit worried for the wellbeing of the young child on the right. Looks like this sculpture is swallowing him whole.

How many boys and girls can it consume per day?


Even if a woman is a bit doubtful and a man is a bit optimistic, I salute this display of trust.

Kelk Moseholm “Catch me”


The next “sculpture” is so big that I decided to put three photos to show the whole picture. It’s very colourful and vibrant. Probably the most attractive one here.

This is how it looks from the far aside.



Made from steel poles and bird repellant tape.




A herd of small stupas and other religious objects knitted from rattan or thick ropes.

What’s the purpose?

Mikados Castledine “Big Intentions”


Here we go again. I remember a family of demented sisters and their dogs last year. Pretty sure it’s the same sculptor.

Russell Sheridan “Pilgrim”


This is a close-up of the Pilgrim and here is last year’s masterpiece.




So much effort. And? What is it? Ah, the break wall. ???

ElyssaSykes-Smith "The break wall"
ElyssaSykes-Smith “The break wall”



My brain is going into overdrive. Weather stations? Witches houses?

Tony Jones “Lucky Bay”



Unfortunately, even though the name of the artwork is available, it doesn’t explain the meaning. Or maybe it’s just me.

Morgan Jones “Cairns”


Thank God, this one is pretty clear. This is an overload.

’ Suzie Bleach & Andrew Townsend “A burden”



This is by far the most exciting artwork. This eye is in the ground and it followed me everywhere. It gets a bit confused when there are a few people around, but it’s still very impressive.

Anne-Marie Pedersen “Eye”


Very strange idea of having fun. Definitely not mine.

Naidee Changmoh “Fun”


This one is quite symbolic. From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust.

Norton Flavell “Dust”



No idea why this rocket is here or where it is going.

Author unknown



This reminds me of hard rubbish collection, when residents put old stuff on the street.




And the best for last. This sculpture nicely summarises the whole exhibition.



And here you can watch the Video of this exhibition.


Source: Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe 2016 Time-lapse Highlights

Courtesy of GC Imagery


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