Taxi tale 18 – We meet people for a reason

March 2016, coming home from Mackay, QLD

Driver: from Pakistan, Muslim, in his late 20′

When we were on the usual “How was your flight?” question and I started whinging about my flight being late, the driver responded with, “Everything happens in life for a reason”.

– Oh, please. My first flight was late from Mackay, therefore the second flight from Brisbane was postponed by 25 minutes just because of me. I had to run through the airport and jump onto the practically already leaving aircraft. You know that look which people give you when you are last passenger? I got it from 300 people. So, what was the reason?

– The reason? You got me as your driver.

– Hmmm…

– Can you see that taxi in front of us? I had a fight with that guy. You know, we have a queue at the holding bay, waiting for the passengers? So this guy jumped in front of me. I decided to speak to him about it, but he was very agitated and screamed. I let him be because now God will take care of me.

– God? How?

– I got you. You go very far away, so my fare will be more than $100. This is how I was compensated by God for this nasty episode.

– But you don’t know where he is going. Maybe he got even better ride?

– Who cares about him? I was looked after by the God and I am happy.

That made me quiet for a while. I was digesting his words.  Then he continued.

– I believe that God always cares about us. I pray to God all the time. To give me good passengers (money), patience, food and health. I am a simple man, I don’t need anything else. Let me tell you a story:

Last Saturday it was a very important cricket match between Pakistan and India. I really-really wanted to watch it, but I had to work. After a while, I asked God if I should watch the cricket and the God gave me a sign (?). I spent 6 hours at home watching TV and we lost. I was very upset. I still have to pay $200 to my boss and I have nothing. And on top of that my team did not win.

So I prayed to God to give me a few passengers just enough money for the boss. Guess what? As soon as I jumped into my taxi, 5 minutes later I got a call from 3 streets away. And it was a good long ride for $90. I started to feel better, because I needed only $110 and still 3 hours to work. I asked God for another good passenger. In about 15 minutes through the system came an order to drive someone to the city. When we arrived, the guy said he is $20 short. I said it’s Ok, consider it a discount. By that stage I was only $10 away from my target. I drove for a while in the city along the night clubs and nothing. Suddenly an old guy hauled me. He said he needs to go to Croydon (about 60 km) and nobody wanted to drive there at night. I could not believe my ears. “Jump in. Let’s go!”.

As a result I was well ahead of my target. I was happy. Now, listen to this and don’t laugh. After the last passenger I was heading back to the city. I needed some petrol, so I turned into the petrol station. There a man with a large bag ran to me and asked to drive him to the airport in Avalon (more than 70 km) because his car broke down. I was so happy that I  bought him coffee while paying for petrol. Do you know how much I got in the end of the shift? $550 in 4 hours. So, what do you think now?

– This is a coincidence.

– No, God helped me to get those passengers. I needed money, but I wasn’t greedy. I gave a discount to one guy, I bought coffee for another. And I worked hard. GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES.

Later that night I was thinking about my Pakistani driver. I mentally sorted people, who I met in the last few years and had to agree that his theory anout meeting people for a reason was right. Good or bad – it’s a different matter, but for the reason.

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