Taxi tales 15

September 2015, Melbourne, trip from airport home

Driver: Dev, about 35, from Chandigarh, Hindu, married, two kids.

My trip was very interesting today.

The greeting part and exchange of information was very basic, nothing special there.

But then Dev mentioned that he wants to go back to India, sooner rather than later.

– Why?

–  So my kids will be cultured there. I don’t like Australian culture. Kids don’t have any respect for parents or Hindu traditions.

His plan is to sell his house, cars, taxi business and vehicle and go to Chandigarh. Not far from there, he has got a large property on the huge block of land. His parents and one sister are still there. As all Indian families, they plan to stay with his parents. So the kids will be in constant contact with grandparents, cousins and school mates. This is a way to learn Hindi language to perfection and pick up their culture.

–  And what happens when they grow up and can’t come back to Australia?

– Why not? They were born here. So, they are Australians, and can come back any time.

Dev wants to take them to India while they are still young (5 and 7 years old now). If he postpones it a bit, then they pick up bad habits from school and it would be a struggle to change their mindset. As teenagers, under their friends’ influence, the boys will get into mischief: drinking, smoking, disrespecting parents and committing all the sins of modern society. (I don’t think it will necessary happen this way, but they are not my kids).

The point which bothered him the most was having sex before marriage. He came back to this topic a few times. Apparently, in Hindu religion it is a NO-NO. Dev told me that he knows that “95% of girls and 98% of boys are having girlfriend-boyfriend relationships.” (I am not sure where he got these numbers from, and the numbers don’t add up, but that’s what he believes). He, of course, did not do anything like this, and neither did his wife.

Anyway, let’s look at the financial side of his plan. As I already mentioned, he has a family home and some land. After the sale of his house for $500k and the business for $100k, minus the rest of the $150k mortgage, he would have about $450k in the bank. The interest rate in India is 10% at the moment. Therefore without lifting a finger, he will get $45k as a passive income and that’s more than enough to live like a king these days. Neither him or his kids will ever need to work and they still will be able to save half of this $45k, since they can manage with $20k.

– Life in India is only a problem when a person does not have money. For those with enough spare cash, life can be as good and comfortable as in Australia. So, how can I lose?  It’s a win-win situation.

Listening to his reasons, I have to admit that I could see his point. Dev has worked really hard for all these years, and he did quite well for himself with a house, business and savings. So now he wants to enjoy his life back home.

Ok, I heard it before from taxi drivers about their plans to go back, but it was the first time that this information was presented to me in a very convincing and calculated way.

I think he will do it. This is not just blabbing, this is a plan.

I don’t necessarily agree with Dev, but I wish him luck!

Do you know anyone who actually has done this?

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  1. Dav should have to friendly with his children
    – ignore the narrowness of mindset, globlely the situation is same as he thinking,
    – Dav have to think for education for his children

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