Don’t eat the lizard!

When I was a little girl, I particularly loved one Russian fairy tale – “The Traveler Frog” (by V. Garshin). It goes like this; one cute little frog was bored to death sitting in a pond with her friends and relatives. She wanted to see the world. So after some intense thinking, she invented a very original way of traveling… The picture below is worth a thousand words. 


So, this clever frog tricked a flock of migrating ducks into taking her with them.  After some hesitation, the ducks agreed to this highly unusual proposition. The only condition was that they could not quack under any circumstances. All of the other frogs were having a great time making fun of the adventurous friend. However, despite all the odds the ducks and the the frog took off. It all was going well and they made it quite far. Suddenly, a group of people below saw this highly amusing group of travelers. With great support and admiration, they yelled from the ground “Clever ducks! Well done!”. (Those people probably thought that the frog was a potential feast for the ducks). The silly little frog could not tolerate that she was not recognised as the mastermind behind the idea, so she decided to rectify the issue. “This was my idea!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.  Big mistake! She shot down like a missile. Luckily, she fell into a pond. Soon after, she was bragging and entertaining the local wild local life with her amusing stories. Happy ending!

Even then, when I was a little girl, I could see myself as this little frog. So, when I opened my mouth above India and plopped straight in the middle of Punjab, it was a retell of this story about The Traveler Frog. I wonder whether if I could kept my mouth shut a bit longer, maybe I would land in the North Pole?

Anyway, that was just a preface. There is a connection with the next story. Trust me.

Air India passenger finds lizard in an in-flight meal

Picture of a lizard under a bread roll in an in-flight meal surfaced on social media.
Lizard The Traveler

Air India is investigating how a lizard ended up in one of its in-flight meals, in the latest embarrassment to hit the struggling airline.

A picture circulating on social media showed the reptile’s head poking out from underneath a bun on a meal tray wrapped in cling film.

The incident happened on a flight from Delhi to London on Thursday, an airline official said. It was not immediately clear if the animal was dead or alive.

We are investigating how it got in the meal. We are inquiring the caterer and our in-house departments,” said Praveen Bhatnagar, an Air India spokesman.

Is is just me who can see the similarities? This lizard got on the plane because she wanted to see the world. She is a modern Indian-made The Traveler Lizard. She just chose a much better and faster way to travel.


Though I am not sure if it was a safer considering that…


In April, the airline made headlines when it had to ground two of its pilots after a fight erupted between the pair just before take-off. 

What is more dangerous – two silly screaming ducks or two fighting pilots? Voting is now open.

P.S. For those who want to read the whole story about The Traveler Frog, there is a link below.
P.P.S. For those who want to watch the ancient Russian cartoon about The Traveler Frog – please do so below. You will like it, I promise.

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  1. Hi, I enjoyed your other posts but please remove this pic and this article of news on lizard in food. This is a fake image and Air India has already said that this image is photoshoped to malign their reputation. You can yourself check statements by AirIndia and also their twitter accout to get the news.


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