Taxi tale 3

Funny Guy

Melbourne, November 2014, airport – home, 1.5 hours drive.

Driver : Guy from Punjab, late twenties.

Today I had the funniest drive home from the airport. The driver was a young Indian guy. We clicked immediately. After a few ice-breaking sentences the conversation took usual personal turn – Where from, how long in Australia, family status….

To my great surprise, I found out that Guy had been married for a few years and divorced recently. He looked too young to have gone through all this drama. I expressed my disbelief to the possibility of divorce in Indian society. He enlightened me that India strides towards the freedom of marriage and the delights of divorce, in order to catch up with western world. Apparently he got married at 20 (?), and it was an arranged marriage. The newlyweds lived in India for a while and later moved to Australia. Married life got quite intense and they decided to split. That decision did not make their parents happy, but they eventually accepted the idea – maybe because the kids are so far away. I was curious how the divorce will reflect on their future. Okay, I understand that Guy will be affected much less than his ex-wife. He assured me that her  status is greatly improved by current Australian citizenship. So if she remained in India, she would not have any real opportunities to get married to a good “suitable” guy because Indians look down at divorced women. Though, because she is in Australia, many guys and their parents will close their eyes on this “little misadventure”. She will instead be considered a “good catch”. That was obviously great news for her.

Guy, however, really enjoys his freedom. He is in no hurry to lock himself into any sort of relationship. Since his divorce, he has shed 30 kg in one year, discovered body building as sport, and achieved great success in this area. He came fourth in some big competition in SA. In a few months, he is going to take part in upcoming competition in Victoria.

He showed me his photos at the gym. Oh my god! He looked amazing! His biceps, six-pack, back….


I was speechless. Maybe also because it’s quite an unusual thing to look at a half-naked, good-looking, young man during a taxi ride? But for whatever reason – I enjoyed it.

This amazing body requires a lot of work and sacrifice, ans of course it comes at a price. Apparently it’s possible to do some “invisible” squats while waiting for passengers. Or drink 5 L of water every day. Or follow some absolutely crazy starving rice-chicken-tuna – broccoli diet for 3 months before the competition.

Whatever he does – its working. I asked him to send me his food diary and recommendations, but I think that the sky will fall before I look even remotely like him. My son, who was also in a car, became very inspired. I hope it will work for him as well.

Oh god, I am still impressed…

When we arrived at my house, I asked him to pose for a photo. He eagerly agreed. We took a few good shots and both of us were very pleased with the outcome.


Hey guys, watch this space! In three months time, I will take the same picture of Guy, but in his underwear in the middle of the street. I promise you, it will be worth looking. I can’t wait.


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